Saturday, April 9, 2011

Love of Shoes and other things

Its been a crazy week yet again. This week I am not into training. I don't know what it is. I have been focused, doing the workouts but just not feeling it at all. Im hoping this will pass.

I am admitting now that I am obsessed with shoes. Any kind of shoes too. I have a closet full of 3 shelves with all different kinds of shoes. Mostly clogs, slip ons, heels, boots. I am also now the owner of 6 pairs of running sneakers. These are the ones I use for running only. Not walking in. I have about 2 more I strictly walk in.

I recently Bought the Brooks St5 Racers. I know I said before that I hate Brooks shoes as they are too hard but the Racers are so light I love them. I ran 10 miles in them today and felt very springy in them. I usually get blisters on the inside of my feet with my running shoes. These didn't do this. Plus!

The only downside to these shoes, which may not be one, is that the heel feels like it is being pushed out due to its Support Build up at the arch. I am a neutral runner with my right foot but a pronator with my left so I feel it a little bit more. Maybe I can wear 2 different shoes? Ha!

My legs still feel fresh after 10 miles in these. Well not all the way fresh since it is all uphill. I just don't get why the Mountain Goat Run never gets easier for me. Maybe I need to work on my Mental Game now.

I also received my 2 grab bag Bathing Suits from
Th-meowTh-rdrgYep these are the 2 bathing suits I got. I love the Dragon One!! I feel fierce in it! And dont you just love the cat tail?!!!

Someone told me I was a salty sweater today. I know this. This is why I carry a gallon of fluids on me for every run! People pick on me but I know my body better than they do! I also need to get some S!Caps for electrolyte replacement in addition to my drinks.

As I am typing this my daughter is giving me the most amazing massage. Child Labor. Love it!!

Tomorrow is a 3 hour ride, 45min run, 1 hour ride. Yes, coach is trying to kill me.

Happy Training!!!


  1. I love the suits, especially the kitty one.

    Have a great ride. I am riding tomorrow but only for 2 hours. Hopefully, the wind will calm down!

  2. I wear the Brooks Racer ST4 and love it!
    I have always wanted to get some Splish grab bag suits, but I am soooo very afraid of what I'll get! Yours are cute though! :)