Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly Report. An ending to a great week!

This week was another great week in the bag. I am 2 weeks out until my 10 mile race. I am excited and nervous at the same time. Coach thinks I can pull the run off at 8:30-8:40 if I am properly rested and Fueled. I have been running the coarse after a long training week and coming in in the low 9:00min/mile pace which is a big improvement from last year.

I have been having some mental blocks about this course and I talked with Coach about this tonight. She has told me I need to think why I am having these running blocks. Ill tell you a few reasons why:

1. I am faster than last year and want to prove these at the races
2. My legs are dead by mile 6 of the run because I am not on rested legs. I am going up the hill thinking my hammies hurt, my lungs hurt, people are passing me, WTF?! I get very down on the hills.
3. I am very competative, mostly with my own self.

Today I had an amazing run that boosted my spirits. I did end it short as I was caught in a windy rain storm. I did almost 4 miles in 32 min making my Ave 8:44min/mile. This was coming off a 3 hour trainer ride. I kept up with my nutrition the whole bike with drinking Hammer Perpetuem every 15min, Half a powerbar at 1:30.
I ALWAYS have better runs off the bike. Its insane!! I also have been paying much attention to my foot strike. Thinking of the Pose Method of running. Anyone think its a good method?? Its working for me. The concept is to get you more forward in running and thinking of a light foot, high cadence.

People talk about my bright colors while training. This week I wore my Lime Green Compression socks and my HOT pink Saucony Kinvaras. Last week, Hpt pink compression socks and Orange and Blue Brooks Racers. I like to be noticed. I like loud colors! Hey I had so many people know it was me! I even met the local weatherman and his wife this weekend in person and asked him to bring nice weather for the next 2 weeks!! Ha ha! I even had someone say I want to be your friend, you seem cool! Oh boy!

On last note, my last job interview (3 at the same place!!) really went well. Im crossing my fingers for that call this week to say I got the job! As long as the money is good I am so there! This place was wonderful! The people are just good people that work there.

Heres to another week in the bag:

Swim: 8694 yds- 2 hours 45 min
Bike: 6 hours 10 min- Trainer rides, Cycle classes.
Run: 21.17 miles- 4 hours 52 min
Strength- 1 hour
TOTAL TIME: 14:21:12

Happy Training!!


  1. Great training week! Nice job on your brick too! You are going to do awesome in your race!!

  2. Great job on the training! Good luck with the job. I will keep my fingers crossed!

  3. Sounds like an awesome week! Good luck with the job! :)

  4. Awesome week! Will keep the fingers crossed that the job offer is everything you hope for!!

  5. Great job Kristin! You are going to rock that 10 miler. Maybe you should do a warm up ride before! I run better off the bike too!