Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Last week Recap.

Last week was a difficult training week. I started out the week feeling fatigued. Not really wanting to do my workouts. By the end of the week I was taking off half day at work and sleeping my afternoon away.

I had some really good training days and others not so good. I heald it together for as long as I could.

This past weekend I had a great treadmill run 10.2 miles in 1:30! I wanted to see if I could do it and its amazing what happens when you aren't focused on your Garmin the whole time! I went by how I felt and If I could push it even further. Its amazing what mind games you can play with yourself when it comes down to it

Easter Sunday my mom was gracious enough to watch the little one as the man and I went for a bike ride around Owasco Lake in Auburn NY. It started out the perfect ride, then the rain started, but it felt good. Nothing I couldn't handle. Then there was some steep hills. I never knew Moravia was so hilly! We went up this one road that looked like it was a wall. I got half way up it and couldn't push any further. I got off my bike, GOT off it! I haven't done that in 3 years!! I have always tried to make it up a hill. I mentally was drained. I told the man that I couldn't do it, I just didn't have it in me. He looks at me and says, lets switch back tires. I have some smaller gearing on mine. So fine we switched back tires, got through all the rest of the nasty hills no problem. I looked at him and said see, I need smaller gearing. Come to find out, I actually had harder gearing on his cassette than mine. See how the mind works here?? I gave up. I gave up knowing what gearing I had on my bike and not having a triple like I do on my road bike up the hills. I discussed with the man too that when I tell him to just go ride, I am not mad at him, but need my time to process what Im doing, dig deep and get myself under control. I want to ride with him but he needs to realize I need my space just a little when we are out on that road!!

Hence the Program I went to Last night. Mental skills training for the athlete by a great coach in the area. She went through it all, how we feel, how to get us thinking positive, feel confident, etc, etc. This is the 4th thing in a triathlon. It can make or break you. And sometimes it breaks me.

Lastly, THis week is rest week. I am concentrating really hard on eating healthy and visualizing my stellar performance this weekend at the Mountain Goat 10 Mile Run in Syracuse, NY. I have visualized every aspect of the run and have put into my mind what Im going to say when the road gets rough out there!

Last weeks Numbers:
Swim 7734 Yards -2.5 hours
Bike 7.12 hours. - 1 bike ride outside 37 miles
Run 19.13 miles- 2.92 hours
Strength- 1 hour

TOTAL TIME 13:33:23

Happy Training!!

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  1. You are right about the mind training. I have had rides were it was the mind that killed me and not the body. And then the next time I would kill the same ride and only because I had my mind in the game. I just really need to spend more time focusing and doing my mind training!

    Good luck with your race sweetie! I know you will kill it!