Sunday, April 3, 2011

March Madness is over. Spring forward to April!

Im so excited its April!! In exactly 28 days from now I will tackle my 10 miler. We ran the whole course Yesterday in a little over 9 min miles. I told myself the whole run that I wasn't racing it. I was taking it easy as it was my rest week. I just wanted to see all those hills again and remind myself I can do this course. I can tell you we counted the hills as we were doing them and there was around 11 hills. Im not talking little hills. there are about 4 I can name that are long or pretty steep. I never knew Syracuse was so hilly until you get out on this course. I have to admit there are some pretty areas of the race as well where you can see the Syracuse Skyline, the dome, all the good stuff.

Last month was a good month in training. I spent many long hours on the trainer going batty but I seemed to make it out alive and in one piece. I have been practicing alot with nutrition which has been going great. I don't feel as sore after workouts and am recovering quicker which is a plus in my book. I am going to try and ride outside this coming week. We will see how this goes.

One other note, I booked my Hotel for the Beach to Battleship race in October!! Im so nervous and so excited at the same time!

Here are the numbers for March:

Swim: 21,216 yards- 7.42 hours
Bike : 15.75 hours
Run: 86.58 miles- 14.10 hours
Strength: 3 hours

Total Time: 40.28 hours!!!

A friend of mine asked me about my nutrition. Ill post soon in regards to this

Happy Training! Be Safe!


  1. Whew. Look how far you have come. Not just the physical part, that's the easy part. You are emotionally, a different athlete than you were a year ago. Well done sister. Well done.

  2. Great job in March!

    So smart to run that course... you are going to tear it up in a month! :)

    And yay for booking the hotel - don't get nervous... you'll be ready!

  3. Quick recovery is definitely the key to training. Glad to hear that's going better and better.

  4. Nice work in March all the way around. With that kind of work ethic and consistency, you will do awesome at B2B. I can see why they call that 10 miler the mountain goat...very appropriate name. I hope you were able to get some outdoor riding in this week like you wanted.