Saturday, July 2, 2011

First Week in July

Its the first week of July and I've been to the pool about 5 times for 2 hours each time with the little one. What is it about the pool that is so fascinating?? What is it about jumping off the side of the pool 20 times in a row?? What is it about diving for little sticks in the water?? For the pure fun of it I guess!!

I've been out of bloggy world as I have had such a crazy week. School is out and all my daughter thinks about is biking and swimming. Now lets get her into running more and she will be all set!!! :)

I have been logging in mileage mostly on the bike and run this week. It has been gorgeous out except for that one day I JUST made it back before the downpour came! I kept praying that I would beat the thunderstorms and get home safe. Someone was definately looking out for me.

Since I have logged in many a miles on the bike this week, I now have a raging saddle sore!! Its is on the right side of my inner upper thigh!! What?! I have tried everything known to man and this thing is just hanging on!! I seem to get through my rides but afterwards it is very painful! Im hoping it will start to go away soon!
I cannot have this creeping up now. I need the longer miles!!

Also, I am starting my new job July 11th!!! 3 months off was certainly fun but now I have to join the workforce again as I have bills that need to be paid and I am not winning any money with triathlon!!! Ha ha!

Hope everyone enjoys their Independence Day!!

Happy Training!

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