Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Big Changes Ahead

I received a email a few days ago from my coach. I knew what it was going to say even before I opened the email.

I cannot give full details but it will change what I decide to do in the near future with coaching.

As you all know my "A" race is in October, Beach to Battleship. I am a little worried if I am getting enough training in and will I get enough especially when I am down in Florida on Vacation for 10 days the last week in August!

But thats besides the point....

The point is there are changes to my plan for next year. Where do I go from here?? Should I settle down and have a family as my honey so wants to do? Do I sign up for Cedar Point Iron-Distance race as I so want to do this race?? What are my goals after this year??

I have met some great people and have done some amazing things this year. I have PRd many of my races which I think I wouldn't have without the help of a coach. I would be half-assed with my workouts and do whatever I wanted. This year I buckled down and hired a coach to get me to the start line at B2B. Which I know will happen and I have gotten so much stronger this year with triathlon.

I wish the news would've waited but it was a decision I had no control over.

Im going to sit back and embrace this change and see what unfolds for me for 2012.

To be Cont.....


  1. I hope everything is alright!!! :)

    It's a tough decision as to what to do in the future... my mind changes constantly! Good luck sorting through it all!

  2. Change can only bring bigger and better things!