Wednesday, July 6, 2011

June in Numbers

Yes I know its a week into July and I am telling you my volume now. As life gets crazy some things need to slip to the back burner.

I have a lot of things going on this past week. My daughter is out of school now, coaching things, thinking about my work week again, training like a mad woman, putting on a triathlon training series. See lots of stuff going on!! Im embracing my hectic lifestyle as this is what I live for. Always flying by the seat of my pants. Always having a schedule.

June was a hot month filled with long bike rides and runs and best of all Open water swimming!!! I love summer!

Also to update you on the core diet, It is going well. I lost a total of 6 pounds in June and put 2 back on in the last week as the delicious food has been pouring in and I am stressed about starting my new job so I have been eating some ice cream and chocolate.  Time to buckle down and get back on track!!!

Here are the June numbers: 

Swim: 9.78 hours- 29544 yds
Bike: 22.01 hours- 334.63miles
Run: 12.10 hours- 73.78 miles
Strength: 1.5 hours
Brick- 2.17 hours
2 races- Sprint triathlon and Olympic- 4.17 hours

TOTAL 51.73 hours

And last weeks totals:
Swim-2640 yds- 1 hour
Bike- 160.96 miles- 8.76 hours
Run- 23.52- 3.72 hours

TOTAL 13:24:20 hours
Total time was down as I was healing a saddle sore!!! Darn things! I have been out on my road bike this week due to them. Trying a new saddle today as well. Lets see what happens!!

Mussel Man 70.3 in 11 DAYS!!!


  1. Great job on all the training! Good luck with the new saddle and go kill 'em at Mussel Man!

  2. Wow - great number Kristin! And down 6 pounds? That's awesome!

    Hope the saddle sores heal - they are no fun!

  3. So excited to see you on that course!