Tuesday, July 12, 2011

How its going

This week has been going great so far. I am in Taper mode for MusselMan 70.3 this Sunday and I am eating well, hydrating like a fish and sticking to the plan.

I just reviewed my racing plan for this weekend and I think it is very doable if I keep my mental game sharp!!

My daughter is going to be doing the Mussel Kids on Saturday so we will be driving up, cheering her on, eating a big pasta dinner and then getting my race on the next morning.

I just got my bike tuned up, new seat placed! I road a friends seat over the past few rides and I loved it so I bought my own in white of course!! I will be getting on it a few times this week for little rides, checking the fit. I might even get a fit by my honey on Thursday if he is not too busy!!

I started work this week as well and am so glad that I accepted this job offer. I am one happy camper so far! There is just so much warmth in this place and I am ready to build my practice there!!

More to come on race planning.....


  1. Kristin, sounds like you have a good plan! I have no doubt you will do well and reap the rewards of your hard work! Glad to hear the new job is going well :)

  2. Yay for taper!! Good luck on Sunday!

  3. Good luck to your daughter and you! I can't wait to read all about it!

  4. Have fun and good luck

  5. So glad that you're liking the job so far! :) YAY!

    Best of luck to both you and your daughter this weekend. I love that she's racing - way to go momma for getting her involved! :) And you my dear... are going to rock it!