Sunday, March 4, 2012

Week Review Feb 27-March 4, 2012

Its been a crazy week at work. Major switcha roos happening which has me my panties all in a bunch. Moving offices, moving rooms, just major mental blah this week.

Im happy to report that my training has been ok this week. I have been pretty consistent which is one of my goals this year. Although this hasn't been a porblem. Only on Wednesdays after working until 9 at work to get up and workout!, still trying there. I swear ever since my Ironman I have been really taking a back burner with this and it is time I straighten up and eat the way I used to.  I am definately going to get on that starting this week. I put an myfitnesspal on my phone. I am documenting everything that goes into this mouth! I like the program. It actually breaks it down to micro and macronutrients too! I also get my weight on there and have a goal in mind for that. We will see if I can get down to that weight before race season really ramps up.

I signed up for our popular local Shamrock run 4 miler being held this coming weekend. Im all ready for it. Ill post pics of the outfit that I will be running in soon. Hopefully Ill fly by with my new hair!!!

I also have been really taking care of my foot the last week so my mileage isn't where I wanted it to be. I also have a nagging hammy issue...Really?!!! I need to see a sports PT.

Here are the totals:

Swim- 4700 yds- 1:50:00
Bike- 4:10:00  - 32.82miles plus trainer rides, spinning rides
Run- 1:45:00 - 11.42 miles
Strength- 1:30:00

Total time: 9:15:00

Happy Training!! So glad I am not training for a full this year!! WOOT!


  1. Good on you for getting the eating back on track. It's been 1.5 weeks for me not eating any sugar or chocolate, I put on a skirt this a.m. and it is loose..yipee :) I've amped my training up though that helps..good luck!

  2. If you have a chance, check out the book "Metabolic Efficiency Training" by Bob Seebohar. He talks a lot about the science of a triathlete's diet and how you can use that with your athletic training to "train" your body to burn fat. It's a pretty technical read, but interesting...I've never heard of a sports nutrition theory like his.