Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Tuesdays Training

I woke up early today!! Woot! Im getting back to my regular schedule again!! For a while there I was a sleeping in Bum!! I finally got past that hump!!

I saw the morning was breaking at 6:30am and the weather was PERFECT for a early morning run. 41 Degrees!! Yes!! I put on a Under Armour Long sleeve Shirt, My Reflective Jacket (Just in case) and my Shorts (YES shorts!!), Hat and Sauconys and was out the door!

 On tap from coach was a 45 min run in Zone 2. Now Zone 2 for me is 145-155. I felt so good this morning that I didn't want to run in this zone at all!! I wanted to go as fast as I could but I know I needed to focus!!

I was cold for the first 10 min but warmed up quickly! I sooo love cold weather running!! I think people were probably looking at me in their cars like Im a nut bag as I think I was smiling and running down the street in 40 degree weather with shorts on. I even had a guy honk and yell woo hoo out the window...come on now...get a life..lol!! I dont get why people do this but I just kept on running. I didn't wear my Ipod, just listened to the sounds of cars rushing by me, the wind in my ears and the sound of my foot steps...Love it!!

I felt like I could run forever in this Zone. It feels like Im not even working hard!!

Needless to say 4.63 miles in 45 min! That was trying really hard to count strides, keep Heart Rate in Zone!Imagine what I can do running a race!! Im feeling so confident in my running! Its progressing nicely!!

Next up...an hour on the trainer!!

Happy Training!


  1. Nice job with your run! I would have been the one in my car with the heat on looking at you like your were crazy wearing shorts in that weather! Ha ha! :)

  2. Really nice job on the run. Days where it feels good from start to finish are always really cool days.

  3. yeah for you ! love that feeling! oh, and i have the same garmin. i heart mine:)

  4. I love runs like that and in the cold too!
    You're excitement really comes through in this post :) Hope you are that happy on the trainer (baawaaahahahaha!!) ya-right.

  5. Great run! I love it when you have a day like that- it just feels so good and carries over into everything else you do that day!!