Monday, November 29, 2010

Few of My Favorite things

Ah, Christmas is coming and the thoughts of my Favorite things come into mind. Christmas just gives you that warm fuzzy feeling. Even if you are not getting along with someone, most of the time you will be nice around the holidays, am I right?!!! Its so true for me.

I Also have been wishing all my routine follow up patients a Happy Holiday because I know I wont see them, Cross my fingers, for 3-6 months. Not that I wouldn't mind seeing them if they were sick because after all that is my job!

I decided to put a list together of my Favorite things this Holiday

1. Candy Canes..Any kind, peppermint, blueberry, strawberry, Mult colored...they are all good.
2. Putting up the Christmas Tree. It is a tradition to put it up on my Birthday which is December 12th at my parents house and it so happens to be a Sunday!! I can drive down and get it up with the Family! Also it is my 30th (AHHHHH)
3. Pumpkin Muffins...YUM
4. Egg Nog Shakes...Im sorry this is about food but Christmas time has some great food!!
5. My snuggly PJs
6. Christmas Music!!
7. Snow! Gotta have snow in December!
8. Cuddling up with my 2 favorite people- My Daughter and Honey
9. The smell of Evergreen trees...
10. Christmas Cards...I love getting them and sending them!

Fa la la la la, la la la la!!!!



  1. yup, it is a lot of school work. oh the joys of nursing graduate studies.

    in your christmas spirit do you want to write a 15 page paper reflecting on a "caring theory" and how to apply it to a case study!? case study is already written up.... ;)

    because i know you love ICU work, and the case was a client in respiratory ICU ;)

    and, 30. wowza! look at it as exciting! you should have a great celebration!


  2. Great list! What a fun tradition to put up the tree on your b-day! :)
    Yum...pumpkin muffins! I love getting Christmas cards too!

  3. So many shared likes on that list. I just lost my mind & spent $3 on a single candy cane at Whole Foods. It's totally going to be worth it. :)

  4. Christmas cards are my favorite. Love the pictures and corny form letters!