Friday, November 12, 2010

100th Post. Fast Thoughts Friday

TGIF!!! I am so happy it is Friday! I have been working hard these past few days at work being the only provider! When crisis hits its hard, but I made it through 3 today...Im calm under pressure..good quality I might say!!

Here are my thoughts for the day:

1. I do not, repeat DO NOT like it when people want to talk to me when I am half naked in the locker
    room. Please wait and look at me when I am done changing!!

2. I am seeing my body morphing..I think I saw a two pack yesterday...need the other 4!! Ha ha!!

3. My diet has been horrible...DAMN Halloween candy, Christmas candy...I have been trying to be good
    but I love Tootsie rolls and M&Ms!!

4. I am starting Christmas shopping and I cannot believe how mobbed the stores are already!!

5. I hate my feet..I looked at them today and they are all cut up.. I need to wear socks on my longer runs.
    HATE socks!!

6. 3 more days and I get to sign up for MUSSELMAN!!! Woo hoo!!

7. My friend asked me to go out tonight and I told her I didn't want to. Im getting old!!! OMG!!

8. My interview is Tuesday and I am a nervous wreck. Why I do not know. Maybe because Im getting
    interviewed by THREE people at the same time!! Talk about intimidation!!

9. I signed up for the local 10k Turkey Trot! There is just something about running Thanksgiving morning that
    makes me feel so good!! More turkey anyone?!! Cranberry sauce is my FAV!!

10. Tomorrow Ill be riding outside as it is going to be BEA---utiful outside!!

Thanks all folks!! Happy Training!!!


  1. Gotta love 100th posts. To your next 100 Nice list, I like the random bits and pieces. Enjoy the good weather.

  2. Good luck @ the interview! Just be yourself.

  3. Congrats on the post. Perseverance at Triathlon and in blogging. Keep up the great work.

  4. Good luck with the job interview!

  5. Good luck with the interview! :) Love the list of randoms that you posted - I'm with you on so many of them (especially loving the cranberry sauce!)