Saturday, November 13, 2010

Bike Ride Chittenago Falls and Back.

Today was supposed to be a light ride with a few friends on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Central New York. I gathered my stuff up at 11:30. The Temperature was hovering around 56 degrees at this time. I geared up with some arm warmers, underarmour shirt, Jersey, Shorts and leg warmers.

By the time I got to Green Lakes State Park it was almost 60 degrees. I met a few other Cyclers from our Local Triathlon club and we were on our way. I ditched my Arm warmers and leg warmers. Im so glad I did!

We were keeping a pretty good steady pace. I was drafting off the faster men. They always like to be first anyways you know. Sometimes I like hanging out in the back taking all of their expertise in and shifting when they do. Its kind of neat!

Anyways we were about 45min in to the ride when we went around Chittenango Falls which is pictured above. What a beautiful route! We hit a really tough patch with a pretty steep climb and I was struggling to keep up with the others. I wasn't liking that!! See on flat routes I can hold my own as soon as hills come forget it!! That is something I Definately need to work on!!

There was also another steep climb around mile 30 which is part of the 70.3 course but going in the opposite direction. Talk about granny gear! Ugh!!

All said and done almost 45 miles was put in with great people!! We had a blast!

Tomorrow I will be doing my Hour Run...Yeah!!


  1. How can you pass this up? I am glad you rode longer!

  2. Nothing like a cool ride will cool people. Like the new header image, you look very determined to go destroy the bike course.

  3. SUCH a nice weekend! I am hoping this lasts till next April ;)

    Cool falls!

  4. That sounds like a great ride! I understand about the flats and hills. I can kick butt on flats but put a hill in and I am toast. That is why 2011 is the year of the hill!