Sunday, November 21, 2010

Recovery Week #2

Another week of Training done!! Im starting to like being coached!

This week I had to do another swim TT. But it wasn't 1 time, My coach made me do it twice!! Here I am saying to my honey, "I have to TT twice!!" Him, "yeah so, you have done more than 800 meters". Me "Yeah I guess you are right. I can do this!!"

When I got done my times were 8:12:39 for 400 meters and 8:10. I emailed coach and was so huffy because I thought I did worse than last time. Nope 9 second improvement from the last time we did this which was a month ago I think. I need to find my little chart she gave me to keep track of these!! I sighed and was grateful it was an improvement.

See, one thing I lack is patience. But, I am willing to work on that. I know it comes with time and I need to do drill work and run slow with good form, to see the gains later. I already feel like I am running faster. I feel good when I run and not that Im going to pass out like I have in the past which is good. I know Im gaining fitness and endurance which is a great thing! Same with hill repeats on the bike. I know this is my weak spot on the bike and am willing to work on this as well.

I have goals in my head and on paper and my coach is fully aware of what I want to acheive this year. I cannot wait to see how this season unfolds!!! Now, to work on the nutrition aspect and we will be all set!

Here is the week in numbers- Another recovery week done!!

Swim- 3000 meters ; 1hour 10 min
Bike- 1 hour 30 min
Run- 8.73 miles; 1 hour 30 min

total 4 hours 10 min

Next week I have 11:30 hours of training!! Ahhh!!

Happy Training


  1. Nice work this week.

    I agree with you on the patience and not thinking I am getting faster. My story for my swim TTs is exactly the same. Didn't hit my goal but got faster then the previous TT.

    I always say that triathlon is a 5 event sport. Swim, Bike, Run, Nutrition, Mental. You got this and keep up the great work.

  2. Great week! I completely understand not having patience! I am the same way. I have been feeling like I have made no progress with Operation Iron. But yesterday Coach J pointed out a few things she has noticed and you know what! The crazy diet is working! Woo Hoo!

    So congrats to both of us for knowing we have no patience but still putting in the work! We are going to have great years!

  3. 11:30 hours of training, Wow! Does that include the Turkey Trot?

  4. Caroline- Why Yes!! Yes it does! :)

  5. Great job with the training! And yes, patience is important! :) Good luck with the next week 11.5 hours during the holidays... God love your coach!

  6. i hear ya on the patience thing! You have the right attitude though and as long as you keep that perspective you are rock solid!