Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Snow Has Fallen

This morning I woke to a White Coating of Snow Outside. brrr..Ok its getting to be winter. I was starting to like the 50 degree weather!!

I have been going crazy at work with all the sick calls this week and I am cutting back on the sweets so Im double MAD this week!! My mind is going crazy.

I have been talking with Coach about Nutrition and how it sucks basically. I know how to each right..I just don't apply it. This is probably a bad week to go right into being more conscious of my eating habits but in the same time I have to start somewhere.

I had a patient thank me today for telling her she needed to shape up and lose weight. Great!! Im glad Im making a difference! See Im a Hard *SS on some of my patients because I know I can be. We have that connection where I can look at them and say "ok, you want to have a stroke or Heart attack in the next year or you wanna lose weight and do something about your health?!" I love my job! Now to work on myself!

Anyways back to the subject. I have been working on getting my food from rich sources, fresh fruits, Veges, Lean meats, dairy and keeping the snacking to a minimum. I have also started a food diary. It really helps you be accountable for what you are eating. You want a handful of M&Ms yep write it Ill pass. Thats what I've been doing lately! It works!

Here are some things that Im going to work on tomorrow during Turkey day:
1. Filling my plate with Veges and Lean meat first.
2. Small portions of my Lovely sweet potatoes and Stuffing and ONE roll...Not 7 (Just kidding on that one!!)
3. I will have my wine because I deserve a glass
4. I will have a hangnail of a sliver of all my moms pies because I just CANNOT pass them up. She is an unbelievable baker!!

I can do this I have the Willpower!! I am down 5 more pounds since starting this diet and have taken pics since I have started training. Soon...Soon..I will reveal before and after pics when the time is right!!

Tomorrow I will be attending the 42nd Annual Turkey Trot here in Baldwinsville, NY. I am doing the 10K!! So my little slivers of Pie will be OK!!

Happy Training and Happy Thanksgiving to all!!!


  1. Enjoy your slivers of pie! Great game plan!

  2. Thanks for sharing your eating strategy! I think I just stole it ;)

    I know how to eat right as well, but you are totally right, applying it sucks! How can you when you have 5 different kinds of pies in front of you?!?!?hahahaha!

  3. ah I'm in the same boat with knowing what to do but just can't seem to do it! Have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your pie!

  4. Have fun at the Turkey trot! Have a great Thanksgiving! :)

  5. Good Luck at the Turkey Trot! And enjoy the pies.

  6. I. AM. VERY. PROUD. IF. YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. I love people in the medical profession who can tell it like it is! Your patients are very lucky to have someone like you to be frank with them about the consequences of their choices. Happy thanksgiving!