Monday, November 15, 2010

Its official...

I am signed up for my first 2011 Half IronMan Distance Race....Drum roll please.....


What I love about this race is it is so close to home! I can drive up there..stay the night and drive back the next day! Oh that reminds me...I need to look for a Hotel room!! Ahhh!!! I hate that part. ugh.

Just some little tid-bits about Musselman...
- it was voted one of the 100 best races in Triathlete Magazine
-It was also voted Family Friendliest

See for all the details.

ok now 7 months FLY by please!!!


  1. it.

    I just saw an ad for Wegman's on the Musselman site and got a little nostalgic.

  2. Best of Luck to you! Are you planning on Syracuse 70.3 too?

  3. AWESOME!! I have heard great things about Musselman, it is on my "want to do sometime" list.

  4. Caroline- Im not too sure If I want to do Syracuse again. Although I might. I haven't decided yet. I am definitely doing a Full Next November though!

  5. Exciting! Will you do one in the fall too?

  6. Yes, I will be doing a Fall one too!! I haven't decided on SYracuse 70.3 or the Poconos 70.3/ One of them I will probably do!