Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week In Review and Giveaway winner!!!

Its been a Sunday Funday here with my daugther!! We have been Playing LIPS on the Xbox!! I Love singing!! Its so fun! We've had a blast!

Here are my weekly Numbers this week....

This was all about Keeping My Heart Rate in Zone 2.

Strength- 1hour
Cycle- 3 hours and 15 min
RuN- 2 hours 30 min - 14.9 miles
Swim - 55 min


Missed a swim this week and Im still not over it...Oh well..Life must go on!!

And the Winner is....Using 40!! (PS I didn't count my 2 comments)

LISH at The Road from Chicago. Congrats to you!! I will be sending you an email to get all your info to send you the Package!!


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