Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ahhh, Thanksgiving, and My 10K Turkey Trot!

Wow, Thanksgiving is almost over and Im finally putting my feet up and relaxing listening to my pup chomp on his bone. Yes he did get his own thanksgiving bone. LOL!

I just looked at the comments from Yesterdays post and thanks to all that responded positively Especially Coach Mary who said she was proud of me!! Ha ha! I know Im almost 30 and hearing those words from anyone who is close to me makes me smile and feel better about myself!

Today started off Very Chilly. I looked at the Temp on the weather channel. Yup Freaking cold it was. 30 degrees with wind gusts. Ok I know its November and I live in New York but hey I can hope for 70 degree weather right?!! I put my compression socks on, My Nike Pro Tights, Long sleeve Adidas Shirt and Nike Jacket over it. This was perfect. I also added my Hat and gloves to the mix as well.

Nutrition= 2 hours before race- Small Bagel with Peanut Butter and a Banana, Large glass of water. Water all the way to 30 min before race...PowerBar Green Apple (MY FAV) Energy gel 15 min before race. This was perfect for me.

Got to the race about an hour early. Man, when you are in a 700 plus member triathlon club you are bound to run into someone you know! I chit chatted with fellow Triathletes and the upcoming 2011 season, Found my Brother in Law at the start and we were off!!

Mile 1- feeling awesome, talking to people along the way- 8:28:57
Mile 2- Still feeling pretty good. Keeping an eye on cadence- 8:40:12
Mile 3- Ok I lost my Brother in Law in the mix- 8:48:50
Mile 4- Slowed down to grab a drink, Took Gel, Spilled it all over my face and hand, Getting hot, took my gloves and hat off- 9:06:28
Mile 5- Where the hell did this wind come from? what I got gel on my face?! Thanks for letting me know! 
             Ok steady hill done! What?! I have to STOP to take water from the table?!- 9:12:60
Mile 6- Guys pass me, Man your Pink shoes are fast!! Um..YOU are passing me here!! :) 9:11:43.
Last .25- 2:00.75

Total Time- 55:28.25- Average Pace- 8:52/mile

It was a PR day today!!! woo hoo!! I wish I could've NEGATIVE split but hey, the back half is much more challenging than the first half!

Happy Thanksgiving to all!!


  1. Great job on the run and getting that PR....WOO-HOO!!!!!

  2. Nice work today sister. These runs will be really important later on!

  3. congrats on your first 10K. Sounds awesome.

  4. Not First 10K Patrick!!! My PR 10K!! Woo hoo!!

  5. Woo hoo on the PR!!! Did you PR on the pie eating afterwards? ;) I sure did!

  6. Jon- PIE eating was a Complete Success!!! Thanks for asking!! ;)

  7. correction:

    congrats on your 10K PR. Sounds awesome.

    My bad....

  8. Woohoo! Congrats on a PR! Yay!!

  9. Congrats on the PR !