Monday, May 31, 2010

Fly By Night Duathlon Race Report

                        (Watkins Glen Race track watching the race)

What a perfect day for a race! Couldn't ask for Better! The race took place at Watkins Glen Speedway on May 29, 2010. Racing at 6pm was a change from the 8am start we usually have for races. My brother in law was doing the race with me so we decided on meeting at the race track, watch some of the Porsches go by and then get ready to race the night away.

Registration went smoothly even though I had to go back to the car to get my ID and USAT card. I wasn't too happy that I didn't receive my arm warmers at the registration tent, but I could pick them up after the race as my size medium wasn't available yet.

Onto the race. We still had to pick up our chip timer so the race had to start later than expected. They were also still cleaning up the track for us to race on it.

Transition Area- Pit Area
                                                                    Waiting for our chip timer

After we got our chip timer, the track was cleaned and we were encouraged to do a warm-up lap on our bikes. My brother in law and I went out counter-clockwise on the track. (I am still getting used to riding a triathlon specific bike this year. I am really comfortable and used to my rode bike.) The Course was great until we reached the back side of the course which was pretty steep. I needed to get out of aero position to
get up the hill.                                                                                                                                          

We were fooling around after that, showing my muscles off, laughing, the usual. Then the gun went off and the race was on! I have to say I was proud of my race as this is the first race I did without any cramps in the legs at all!! I made sure I ate a well balanced meal the night before, a great balanced breakfast, a light lunch, and hydrated well the day before and the whole race day. An hour before the race I took a chocolate Ensure which I swear has been helping me ward off the cramps, 10 min before the race I took more water with my Hammer Anti-fatigue tabs,  then every 20 minutes During the race I drank my Power Bar Endurance Fruit Punch drink. I have never felt better in a race as I felt in this one. Even though I thought my bike could've been alot better, I felt good!! Here are the results:
Overall Time: 2:06:05
135/190 overall
18/44 Female
4th in Age Group

                             Second 1.8 mile Run                             

                        Second 10.1 mile Bike Leg                                

Finishing as the Sun is Setting!!

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