Saturday, May 1, 2010

Finally A Sunny Day!!

Well, the sun was shining today with clear skies and warm weather!! I cannot believe it hit 88 degrees!! I was so excited that it was finally going to be nice out. Today was the day I was supposed to help lead a Women on Wheels Ride.

Women on Wheels is a new program by Onondaga Cycling Club and CNY Tri that is supposed to help women who have been cycling a chance to learn how to race and get faster. There is also one geared for the beginners as well.

The ride was a Figure 8 ride in Marcellus. You could do 19 or 35 miles, your choice. I opted for the 19 miler as I am Running the Mountain Goat tomorrow which is a 10 mile run in the hilliest portions of Syracuse, NY. The ride started beautifully with all of us fighting for a spot to tuck in to. As I was passing people I heard someone say hey Kristin!! Im S from work..I was like hey how are you! Then I took off and found my way into the front of the pack.

Rolling Hills to Steep Hills took us on our journey out on country roads to Skaneateles and back to Marcellus. With a few steep hills that I was trying to catch my breath at the top of the hill. All in all I felt great on my only 2nd ride outside of the season.

As I was finishing, I remembered that I was supposed to be showing these women how to race. I was the first woman back. How rude of me to let these women fend for themselves. I was so caught up in race mode and felt great that I didn't pay attention to any of the other women out there!!!! I hope they don't think bad of me and will forgive me in the future. I can excuse myself somewhat as I asked at the beginning of the ride if anyone was here for Women on wheels and only a handful said yes. They all wanted to ride 15 mph...thats not racing to me!!!! Does that make me a horrible person??

Now on to my roller to help these tired muscles gear up for the 10 mile run tomorrow!!


  1. Great work on this ride..... remember some of the best lessons learned are when you are left to fend for yourself! Good luck tomorrow!

  2. Thanks Mary!! I tried to subscribe to our blog but cant find how to!! Im still new at this!! :)

  3. HA! i don't know how to subscribe either! and I am old at this! HA HA AH!