Friday, May 28, 2010


I Have been Reading Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook for the last couple of days and have gained some insight into eating right and properly fueling.

I am currently on Chapter 13: Assessing your Body: FAT, FIT or FINE?? I thought great! Im going to find out if I am Fit. (Of course I think I am)One of the topics is Body fat and exercise, which is talking about myths and misconceptions. I loved reading that my cellulite, which I have been obsessing over on my thighs and butt this year, Is not from my yo-yo dieting over the years but from me (as a women) having thinner skin, a child (which makes fat deposits more on the hips to help feed our babies), and my Mother (a genetic predisposition).

Next Sub topic I read, BODY IMAGE. I have a visual disturbance when it comes to this. I find myself comparing my body to my other friends who are athletes as well as other women my age. Of course our bodies are genetically predetermined, (I can thank my parents for my body), I need to accept that I come from a family with large thighs and be realistic in my expectations. Rather than obsess over my flaw, I am going to let go of my dissatisfaction and accept myself for the caring, strong, sincere person I am. I am appreciating that my body has taken me this far and beauty comes from inside. (Not that I didn't know that already)

I loved reading that men Have distorted body images as well, feeling the pressure to be lean and muscular in todays world. BDD (Body Dysmorphic Disorder) is so common believing everyone around then is seeing their flaws and judging their appearance.

So in closing, I DECLARE from this day forward, I will live by the following tenets.

- I will accept my body in its natural size and shape

- I will celebrate all my body can do for me each day

- I will treat my body with respect, give it enough rest, fuel it with a variety of food, exercise it as my schedule says, and listen to what it needs.

-I will not use food to mask my emotions

- I will not avoid participating in activities I enjoy simply because I am self conscious about the way my body looks. I have the right to enjoy any activity regardless of the way my body looks

- I WILL believe that my self-esteem and Identity come from within!!!!

NANCY CLARK, you hit the nail on the head with this book!!!

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