Friday, May 14, 2010

New TT helmet

Today I had a package waiting for me when I got home from work!! Finally my own Louis Garneau TT Helmet!!! Woot!! I was so eager to open that box to see my shiny black and white helmet that I just had to try it on right then and there!!

I felt like I was a true triathlete at this moment in time! I just had my bike fixed with new triathlon bars so I said to myself what the heck. Ill go outside and try the new bars and helmet out! I absolutely love the way I feel on my bike!!

A guy stopped me and said, "Man you look fast on that bike. Look at that helmet!!! Good luck to you!!" That boosted my spirits. Then the neighbors said,"Man she is zooming on that bike!!" Loved it again!! I hope my bike and helmet hold up on their bargain to make me go fast in my race in 2 weeks!!!

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