Sunday, May 16, 2010

3 Ironman women killed, 3 more injured

I was saddened when I read Ironmoms post about 3 women triathletes were struck and killed by a pick up truck Yesterday in Montreal. They don't know fully what happened yet, an investigation into this is ongoing.

My heart goes out to all the families of these triathletes. They were Training for the Lake Placid Ironman taking place in the Next couple months here in New York.

I am very fearful of cars. I think all the time, do they see me, will they stop. If they don't stop, do I have enough time to clip out and stop myself?? Some people have even swerved at me. I don't get the need to feel like you own the road when you are behind a wheel?? Your car is bigger than me and Im not trying to piss you off when Im out there. I am simply abiding the road laws and training for something dear to my heart.

This brings me to another note as to why I always wear my Road ID. I don't run or cycle without it. You never know what can happen to you out on the road.

There is a ride of Silence taking place next week that honors all the fallen cyclers. I will be riding.

Happy training and be safe.

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