Monday, May 3, 2010

Mountain Goat 10 Mile Race Report

Well yesterday was the 32nd Annual Mountain Goat Run. This is 10 mile course Created back in 1979 by YMCA director Walt Price. He wanted this course to be a demanding course, which tested runners and provided a true sense of accomplishment for all those who finished.

The morning didn't start off to well for me. I tripped coming down the stairs in the morning, almost taking out my ankle in the process. (How does one trip down the stairs?!!) I couldn't get my Garmin to work. My Ipod Nano gave up working on me. What a morning. I said to myself I did a marathon without music, I don't need it today. I was also thinking about forgoing my Garmin but "BAM" it started working. I think I almost shed a tear.

I decided I was going to skip wearing my Lake Effect Run Club shirt and opt to wear a tank top as I knew the weatherman said 80 degrees. I get very hot and sticky when I run. I want to wear the coolest possible items. I also decided to wear my new Mizuno Wave Riders which I wore for some speed work and a 5 miler prior to this run.

I loaded up the Body glide to the feet, ate 2 small wheat bagels, 2 eggs and a banana and we were off..

The race was to start at 10:15 AM. I got to the race venue about 8AM as my Boyfriend was volunteering at the food tent. It was nice and warm by 8 AM. I was glad that I chose to wear my Tank top as to not overheat in the run. I caught up with some friends that I met through a mutual running club, we all talked about the weather and our expectations for the day. Then pictures of our smiling faces before the race began. By 10 AM the heat and humidity had started. As I was lining up in the start line, I looked down at my watch, my heartrate crept up to the 100s..I was getting nervous about the run...Then the National Anthem by trumpet. How beautiful the sound.

The Gun went off and I set out on my 10 mile journey..

Mile 1...feeling great, not too hot, not feeling pressured by the runners around me..keeping my pace nice and relaxed- 9:06 pace- Great!!

Mile 2..1st Hill, 2nd Hill, I was starting to feel it in my legs already 10:14 pace. Ok I said to myself. Its very hot and humid, make the best of this run. Took my first shot of Hammer Gel and a glass of water and was on my way.

Mile 3.. Short flat break..Water from the sprinkler got me and soaked my shoes..darn it! More hills. 10:42 pace

Mile 4.. By this point my feet were hurting..why did I wear new shoes I thought to myself.. 10:07 pace. Not too shabby I thought. Doing well, keeping HR low on such a humid day.

Mile 5.. No more Cups to give you water with at the water stop. I said to the lady pour it in my mouth! More HAmmer Gel from my flask I carried with me..More water to my sogging shoes...10:42 pace

Mile 6...Colvin Street Hill. The torture hill. I was grasping to finish the hill without stopping. My thighs were killing me from the day before hill climbing on my bike. Just Push I kept telling myself. 11:43 pace...least I made it!! I heard a girl behind me say she couldn't do the run anymore and hit the pavement hard. I couldn't turn back...I kept going..(feel bad for this)

Mile 7..Thordon Park Hill..No water, just Ice..took some and placed it in my shirt to stay cool..11:39 pace...Feet are excrutiating at this point

Mile 8..2 more miles to go I thought to myself..just 2 more miles. My friend had to stop running, but I had to keep going...fighting until the finish. Seeing two more people in ambulances. 12:00 pace...oh god!!

Mile 9..I yelled "YES!!! 1 more mile!!!" A girl named Molly came up beside me...I talked for a bit and then let her go a little ahead of me. 10:43 pace..legs are cramping...feeling very nauseated. Molly stopped running. I yelled at her to not stop and that we were almost done!! She started to run with me...

Mile 10...DONE 10:47 pace...I didn't do my best but Yesterday but there was a true sense of accomplishment. 2750 runners were expected to run the course yesterday, but only 2,056 finished. I was one of them who finished. I knew I wasn't going to PR, just wanted to finish with my feet still on the ground.

Total Run time per Garmin 1:47:31 10:46 pace
Total Run time per net pace from bib- 1:49:11 10:56 pace 1608/2056 runners. 106/158 in age group.

I didn't feel well after the race..very nauseated. Im wondering if it was my Hammer Gel without enough water to dilute it. I sustained a few blisters on my feet also forgot to put sunscreen to my back!! But, all in all, I finished and I will set this one aside and try to aim for better my next race...Fly by Night Duathlon!!

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