Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sunshine Ride

Yesterday was a perfect day for a nice ride. No clouds, sunshine and 80 degree weather. What more could you ask for?! I had the day off from work so my significant other, my friend Kelly and I went out to Beaver Lake in Baldwinsville, NY to ride a 41 mile loop which turned out to be only 35 miles due to conflicting schedules.

I decided to ride my rode bike, not my triathlon bike. With all these stories floating around out there about Triathletes getting hit. I was scared, for once, to ride my tri bike. I know I really need to train on it, but didn't want to today.

Kelly rode there from her house which is about 8 miles away so she got a little more than us in! She had planned on doing a 3 hour ride and then a run. I had planned on running with her, but my other half had to go to work, smashing my hopes for a run in the lake trails which are so peaceful. I love running at Beaver Lake. I ran there a few days ago in the ran and it felt so peaceful. I don't get that feeling very often when I run but when I do, my times are unreal! LOL!

I had a meltdown at the beginning of our ride, don't know why, but I missed a turn, got off my bike and walked up the hill. This is totally out of my character as I LOVE riding my bike. I was trying to make excuses as I had it in a hard gear, yada yada, but I could've done it. After that I apologized to the group for having to wait for me and we continued on to have a wonderful ride full of sunshine, talks and laughs, dogs barking and a puppy chasing us (So cute). If it were any other dog I'd be doing a time trial at that point!!

I felt I wasn't even working hard for the 1st 20 miles, then the hills came leaving my legs feeling like they were in a vise grip. Rolling hills, steeper hills came at the end of this ride. I was concerned that I wouldn't make it up the hills as I started hearing some skipping of my chain on the steeper hills. I definately need to get it looked at. But we all made it back safe and sound to the car for a group ride of 35 miles.

Kelly and me After the Ride

I am proud to say I finally have my cycler tan!!! :

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