Saturday, June 5, 2010

Balancing Training and Family time

One of the Hardest things for me is balancing time I spend training with the time I spend with my Fiance and Daughter. I find myself getting up earlier and earlier every morning to get in a swim, weights, whatever I need to do. I am up at 5am to get an A.M training session in and then up until 10 P.M to get a scond training session in. My weekends are the same. Getting up at 5 AM to get in a 3 hour ride before my daughter has risen from her slumber. 

I am ending my 3rd week of Half Ironman Trianing and feel as though I have not given enough effort. I think I should be training more.

Friday morning I woke up to the sun peaking through my bedroom window at 5 in the morning. I always wake up at 5 no matter what. No alarms to wake me up, just my own body telling me I cannot sleep anymore. I headed out to Williams Beach for a swim with Some other CNY triathlon members that are training for local tris in the area. The biggest being Syracuse 70.3.

The skies were clear and the wind was calm giving the 8 of us a nice conditions to swim our hearts out.

                                                                Williams Beach
I swam a good 30 min while the others swam 40min. Felt good in the water but I was having difficulty sighting because my goggles kept fogging up. I really have to work on this!!! I am also a bit worried that my new Blue Seventy Reaction Wetsuit might not be the right size for me. I followed the sizing chart but it still feels too big. Im very disapointed as I love this suit.

After a great day at work, we loaded up the car and I had a chance to sit back and let my fiance swim and daughter play. I was anxious just sitting and watching, but I needed it.

Caitlin posing at Oneida Shores

Andy coming out of the water after his swim

Some days you just have to relax and remember there is more to life than training!!

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