Thursday, June 17, 2010


You forget how to run after you are 8 years old is the theory out there. So carefree before this you just run, play, and have fun with your friends. Learning this I have been watching my daughter and analyzing the way she runs. I even took a video of her beating one of her friends to the lake shore the other night. Watching her videos in slow motion trying to look at how she runs to make my running better. Who ever thought my daughter would be helping me with my running?!

Looking at her the other night so muddy, having fun, so carefree, I went out on my own 4 mile run adventure. I tried to mimic the strides my daughter has and kept playing the image of what she looked like running in my head. Needless to say, I ran my fastest 4 miler ever!!! 8:30 min miles!! I was so pleased to see that improvement. I have been trying to focus on proper mechanics and think I revelled in the glory!!! I owe it to my daughter!


  1. hey Kristin...great photo! I came across your blog when Kelly linked to it from her blog, but for some reason on your old layout I couldn't comment. Just wanted to tell you I thought it was funny that you mentioned me in your Mountaingoat recap...because I mentioned you in mine!!

  2. How nice Molly!! It just klicked to me who you were!! I am trying to figure out this whole blogging world!! :P