Thursday, June 10, 2010

Random Thoughts Again

1. Why when you are already late do you get behind the slowest people as well as all the red lights??

2. I wonder how I will get all this training in working 8:30-5pm.

3. I can cook if I try. I act like I dont so my boyfriend will cook for me!! Shhh...don't tell him!

4. I am in love with Edible Arrangements at the moment! Its the Freshest Fruit ever!

5. I love my new Zoot Shoes..they make me feel fast!!!

6. Is there a magic pill for a mommy belly?

7. I have finally fell in love with swimming. Even though Im still slow. Its so calming

8. I love my road bike better than my tri bike.

9. My daughter told me today I am her best friend. I wonder how long that will last?!!

10. I am loving my old wetsuit. I thought it was too tight but I think it fits me like a glove. Just took some time getting used to.

I am swimming a 1500 meter swim this weekend and cant wait!! Race report to follow!!!

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