Friday, June 25, 2010

Running Thoughts

Tonight I was running by myself. A nice 45 min run without any interruptions. I started thinking about all there is to think about during a run.

1. I wonder what the people in the car are saying when I run by them??

2. Why does my left leg drag so much?? I can pick up my right foot,
     but cannot my left. Its starting to annoy me.

3. What is correct running form?

4. Why when people are looking at you in their cars do they swerve
     and almost hit you?! Pay attention to the road!

5. I need to think of some songs I can play in my head during the running portion of my triathlon. Any thoughts?? Eye of the Tiger is one, I'm A survivor is another...

Needless to say I ran 5miles in 45 min...not too shabby...All my stress is now relieved (well somewhat)

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