Sunday, June 13, 2010

Swimming and Biking

Today was the first open water swimming day for the Total Immersion group we put together through the CNY tri group and the help of Coach Karen!! We had about a dozen and a half swimmers in Green Lakes water today learning tips, techniques, anything to make them more efficient and better at swimming. I too was in the water today getting tips from the experts!! It was great fun. We swam for a total of 2 hours!! I still have a lot of technique to work on but have come a long way since last year in my abilities to swim. I am less claustrophobic in my wetsuit, I am calmer when people want to swim on top of me, a better sighter(well getting there!!) and all the other cool stuff that comes with open water swimming.

Karen worked on having high elbows, being relaxed, having a patient leading hand and how to sight. We also got videotaped which I will share when it becomes available!!

Total Immersion Swimmers

After our 2 hour swim, we hopped on our Bikes and Did the Green Lakes Triathlon Bike Leg. I rode with a newbie triathlete trying to skill her on the wonders and joys of biking, shifting, etc, etc. I love biking. I love the feel of being so free seeing the horizons in a new perspective, seeing the chipmunks run out in front of you, seeing the squirrels and birds in the trees, all of nature. Kelley (the newbie) said to me, thanks for staying with me and riding. I said to her, I want you to enjoy riding your bike as much as I do!! It should be easy to ride a bike not hard!!! Over the course of 4 years and plenty of practice and a great cycler boyfriend, I absolutely love riding my bike, hills and all!! Today was a proven fact!! I made it up the "hill" without even panting!!!

Coach Karen!! We had so much fun with her!

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