Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Things I learned along the way

I still am in awe and shock that I completed 140.6 miles in one day! It is 4 days later and I am feeling pretty darn great! I am even going to go for a swim later!

I learned alot about myself this past weekend. When you are out there doing the mileage all you have is what is between your 2 ears. Your mind.

1. The more mind games I played, the better I was at tricking my body into thinking it was ok.

2. There really are people with bad sportmanship in Triathlon. I had a lady approach me and was pissed because I past her that she spent all her energy trying to pass me, then shouted "I really wish you wouldn't have passed me back there" She got in front of me and slowed her speed. I passed her again and never saw her after that. I said Nothing back to her. Made her look like the ass not me.

3. I can pee on my bike if I need to

4. My body can take a marathon after biking 112 miles!! (Next time it WILL be faster)

5. I can have a race without stomach issues. Proper fueling in the days before helped me tremendously. NO FIBER!

6. I seriously did HTFU during all this training

7. Never underestimate the advantages of COKE. I hate Coke but loved it at the race.

8. If you believe and never give up, you will cross that line!!

9. Its not the end all if you get a flat. There was a guy that had 5 FLATS and still crossed the finish line in an amazing time!

10. I will be doing 140.6 AGAIN!!!


  1. I am inspired by your lessons. And I am glad that you passed that lady. That is just not right on her part!

    Thanks for sharing your great adventure!

  2. So inspiring.. Thank you so much for letting me follow along.. Sooooooooooo, whats next??? ;)

  3. Witnessing your journey (even just through blog land) has been amazing to see. Your story has a dear place with me, and I am sure it just may help me down the road. Way to go - you really kicked this race's ass!!!!!

  4. I've been lurking here for awhile. Congratulations on your finish and your great attitude! Happy recovery!

  5. Great lessons learned! And when you do your next one... you'll learn even more! :)

  6. Awesome job, I loved reading all of your race report, what a great attitude and mental strength you carried through all of it. Congrats!!!!