Friday, November 4, 2011

Post race Thoughts- Written down to remember next time

Hindsight is always 20/20 and that is why Im writing these thoughts down so that I may revisit them when Im ready in the future.

Swim: I tried to get myself as far left as possible as I knew the Buoy was on my left. I think that was a great Idea. But I got knocked a far too many times. I think I would start wider and work my way into that buoy if it is on my left again or vice versa.

I don't think I would use the wetsuit strippers again as I thought she was just as fast as I could've been myself. And, my swim time would've showed my actual time!! :)

Bike: I loved that I brought enough clothing! I was warm except for my hands. Cold weather, need warmer gloves. I drank enough, ate enough and peed enough.
One thing I would change is mixing my bottles the night before. I just put the powder in it and grabbed water at the half way mark. It was cold enough to keep these bottles ok over night. This would've saved time there

Run: I wouldn't put my gels in a baggy!!! It was hard to get them out of my back pocket. next time I'll dump them into my pocket and go in transition. I wasted alot of time at the aid stations fumbling on what I needed. Also think ahead what I want more than I did. Save time at water stations as well. Also embrace the hurt. Embrace the f-ing hurt. I did great until about 20 miles then I walked alot because I couldn't control my brain and my muscles. 6 miles of pain will go away. Take the pain.

Also, I kept moving after the race...I drank like a fish and did a gentle walk Days 1 and 2 afterwards which I think really helped speed my recovery.

Now time to get back to business!

Im all set to race my next 140.6 if I keep these in mind


  1. I loved the wetsuit strippers. Two of 'em just grabbed it from the top had me lay down and took it off in one fell swoop, it saved me lots of time. Maybe in your case she didn't have as much experience... Good tips!