Thursday, November 3, 2011

5 days Post B2B

Its been 5 days since I did Beach to Battleship in North Carolina. What a rush. Im ready to begin embarking on new territories, new missions to make. Many of you have asked whats next. Well, I have alot that I want to accomplish and Im so happy that my honey is on board with making all this happen in the next few years. THEN maybe Ill settle down and have the baby some of you have been talking about!

Im not ready for that just yet and I still have a few more years until they consider me Advanced Maternal Age! (35 and above in laymans terms). Yes this will make my daughter almost a teenager but then that means I have a free babysitter! WIN WIN for me!

I have been thinking of how the 2012 season is going to unfold. I have written out my schedule around 3 times already! I think I finally got it to where I want it to be. I have no Ironman blues. I have mini missions I want to complete which makes it that much harder to get depressed or saddened. Most of you have asked me, how does it feel? Well, I have more goals so Im focusing on those now. Yes I had a great ending to my season and I will cherish my First 140.6 forever, but time to be thinking about what is ahead of me.

I want to do a few 70.3's this next year and really nail that run, I want to do an xterra, I want to revisit a standing marathon, I want to do just a swim race. I want my Mountain Goat Run time to be under 1:30 as I was so close this year.

Those are just a few...

I also have a few general life goals. I might even start pursuing my Doctorate..

Hey, You never know

Today I am going to swim. Im just going to swim. No thinking about time or distance. Just good form and easy swimming. Tomorrow I might spin for a good 20min.

I have signed up for the Turkey Trot in 2 weeks and need to get my butt in gear! No pressure or time goal, ok well maybe a little time goal. But most importantly this is a run to embrace fitness and family as my daughter and honey will be doing it as well!!!

Happy and Safe Training!


  1. I think you have a great plan in place. Enjoy the moments in life and bask in the glory of your accomplishment!

  2. What an awesome plan.. Cherish this post 140.6 week, and then come back as it feels right to YOU. You're so smart :)