Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Wednesday

Yesterday I decided to get back into my weight routine. I have had a set that I do. I love it. There is something to be said about lifting weights.

Its amazing how much your body morphs when you Train for a Iron-Distance race. I definately have lost my Saddle bag storage and replaced it with some nice strong legs. Ill never look like the pro triathletes out there but Im liking the subtle changes I can see.

Now after doing a 15 min Ab routine, my muscles are Screaming!!! Everytime I lift to get up I feel them! Oh feel the burn! Love it! It makes me feel like I did something good for this body!

I've been eating whatever I want for the last 2 weeks. That will end this Saturday when Im back to eating in the Core. Many of you want to know what the core diet is all about and I will elaborate in another post as soon as I get my thoughts together for that one! I feel 2 weeks was a good enough time to have my goodies post IM and not feel guilty about it. I know Thanksgiving is fast approaching but I can handle my cravings well I think. But, for 3 more days Im giving into all those temptations!!! Im definately NOT going overboard just having that piece of pie or cake occasionally, Having that DD Cinnamon Swirl muffin I was craving, things like that

I ran my first 3.5 miles today!! 31 min! Im getting my running legs back! I did have a little stiffness to the back of my left knee afterwards but I was able to walk it off and now its not as bad. It still has been stiff since my race. No swelling, no tenderness to touch, only when I run for a while. I've only ran twice since my race. Which is OK!

In the meantime my bike is over going some major changes in the off season to help with some serious nether region issues I had after my Race. OUCH! I don't want to get into details but it wasn't the prettiest. I have learned my seat is just not the right seat for me. Its a little too hard for my liking. I am also trying new aerobars that sit up a little higher as I had major neck pain at mile 80 of the bike. Time will tell if off season changes make me faster next season!

Tomorrow I have a parent teacher conference for my daughter. Lets see what trouble she has been getting into at school!

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  1. I just started weights again myself and love the burn from it!

    Good luck with the seat. I have a Cobb...Raising my aeros helped my neck pain a LOT.

    Have a great day!