Sunday, November 13, 2011

Sunny November Days!

The weather in Upstate New York has been beautiful the last two days! We have enjoyed the weather all weekend long!

First we took Copper (our new dog) to the park and walked him. He is a "pit bull" and everyone was staring at us. What is the problem with them? The way I see it is every dog has the possibility of being aggressive and attack someone even the little chiwahwah or poodle! Yes they are stronger but let me tell you he is a great running partner. And he is a baby. Very cuddly. He even cuddles with my 8 year old! A lady said the breed should be shot. Thats like saying one of our races should be shot. How cruel!

Anyways, we had a great time! We explored, and he played at the dog park! He was tuckered out after that!

Today, I went with one of my friends C to run at Beaver Lake which is one of the County Parks in our area. The weather was 53 degrees when we started. Very unlike a usual November day. I think last year around this time I was in tights and 2 shirts, hat and gloves! This day just shorts and a short sleeved shirt!

I have been having a little trouble with the back of my left knee. Happened after a 3.5 mile run this past Wednesday. I woke up unable to toe off with my Left foot without pain. Took some Motrin with some relief but it still has been aggravating me.

I Braced it and hoped it wouldn't be too painful for our run because I had so much to catch up on with C! She is running her first marathon, Philadelphia, Next weekend!

We had a slow and easy 6 miler, went to the good old diner that I love and caught up on all the juicy gossip, our lives, etc.

What a beautiful run!

Our view on our run

C and me!

My knee is actually holding up for now. Lets see how I feel tomorrow. Im nervous I might have a ligament strain. Just what I need right now!

As for the eating whatever I want. Yes, that stopped today too. Back on the Core Diet again! I actually just got a cookbook in the mail this week! Its called The Feed Zone Cookbook. Cant wait to try some of the yummy recipes! If I like it, Ill post it for you to try it too!

Happy Training!


  1. ohh looking forward to yummy healthy recipes! Nice run!

  2. Congrats on the puppy! Pics please!

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