Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Syracuse Half Marathon Recap

Yes, It has been more than a week and I am finally writing my race recap.

The morning of the race started as any race would. I got up 2 hours before race time, ate my pre race meal of Almond butter mixed with applesauce and Banana. So yummy.

I got into pre race mood, envisioned a good race. I couldn't find my heart rate monitor strap but I wasn't going to let it bring me down as race nerves started to kick in. I figured I could handle not knowing what my heart rate is and maybe go on feel alone. I put my Garmin 910XT on my wrist and headed out the door.

As I was driving to the race, listening to the up beat music, I realized I was missing something. My hydration! Yet again, I was not going to let this dampen my spirits. I trained for this race and came to the line ready to give it my all.

The weather was less than stellar. With the wind, chill and cold temps, I packed on the layers. I wore 2 light layers and jacket, Pants, Gloves and hat. I have been training in this all winter long so I have been becoming good at what to wear in these temps. And it helps that Runners world has a great app to help you decide what to wear. I always use it as a guideline and put on or take off depending on how I feel or what I am doing. I have never been too bad yet.

I saw a few of my Y running friends and hung out with them for the last few minutes prior to going out and becoming one with the wintry weather yet again.

I started towards the front and just got into a rhythm and tried to hold on as best I could. I didn't know the course so I just went with the flow of the race. My first mile was a little fast, but I figured James street would more than make up for my speediness on the first mile.

James street felt like it went on forever!! I was getting a little upset with everyone that was passing me, but I passed just as many that passed me. I turned off the negative thoughts and said to myself there is alot of miles ahead of me, don't burn out now.

I was told James street was the worst, the rest is pretty flat and down hill. Boy was I in for a surprise. Sedgewick area was not flat, neither was Eastwood area. But, I didn't feel like it was unmanageable given all the training and effort I have been giving to my running. Sedgewick did take my breath away but I continued to truck on.

3 mile mark hit. 27 min. I was doing well. Good pacing. Then, boom, rolled my ankle in a snow covered pot hole. I thought oh no, am I going to be able to finish without injury? I was able to work it out and keep running. The streets were filled with pot holes for the next 2 miles along with some slick up and down areas.
My footing was definitely a little lighter and not as aggressive given the conditions of the road.

I decided at mile 5 I would start getting in carbs. Took a Honey Stinger gel, grabbed water and cont to trek on.

I loved this race mainly because you were turning a lot and I didn't know where I was going which to me is better because I don't go into a race strategy, more giving it what I can at certain times.

The next few miles were flat and downhill.

Then some slippery spots over the bridge by Destiny Mall, Down through the icy creek walk, down to the Most.

At this point I grabbed what I thought was Gatorade at the mile 10 water stop. It didn't taste right and I knew I was going to regret taking that.

The next few miles seemed to drag on. Then, right before the turn I see one of my coaches sitting there cheering me on to finish. I know I probably looked dead. I felt weak. I felt drained. The wind on this course at times felt like it was holding me back and not letting me run to my full potential.

I say my goal time pass. I was disappointed at this time, but tried to keep moving one foot forward at a time. I was almost done.

I came through the finish relieved I was finished.

1:55:41 (net pace 8:50/mi)

Next up is Springtime 10K in 2 weeks and I am hoping it truly is SPRINGTIME!! :)

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