Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wind, rain, Sleet?!! Aint no thang!!

Once again it was a nasty day for a long run. Im just dying to have some good weather where I don't have to put 15 layers on to go outside.

I looked at the weather report and it didn't seem to bad at 7 this morning. it read 40 degrees, "real feel" 36, wind 8-10mph, occasional rain.

I decided that we would be running by the lake so it was going to be colder. Ditched the shorts, Went for tights, 2 shirts, hat and gloves. I am so glad I did!

The plan was to run a hour with a fellow Y runner that was training for the Syracuse half and then turn back and run another hour with a little group.

The first half was great. We managed to negative split our training run which is a positive for me! Started slow, worked into a great pace and had almost 6.5 done in 1 hour.

Then, all hell broke loose. The wind picked up and then the sleet came. It took all of my energy to even run in the wind and try to stay warm at the same time. I was losing steam. I kept saying, "Im warm, its 80 degrees out here, its so Hot Im sweating!" Well that worked for a whole 2 minutes.

The last 15 min seemed like 45. The wind, sleet and cold was blowing from the lake and actually pushing us sideways as we ran. I kept saying to the end of the Light poles, then we are done. Keep moving.

Finally- I was done. Couldn't feel my hands or half my face for a good 5 min, But was so happy to be finished!

12.18 miles complete in 1:56.

Ill take it for the crappy day that it was.

Easy runs, add up and speed will be there for the race next week!! So excited!

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