Saturday, March 8, 2014

Tipp HIll Shamrock Race Recap

Today marks my calendar for the coming of Spring!! I always do this race as an entrance to Spring training, looking at how much more work I need to to for the Tri season coming up!

I needed to get a long run in as I am training for the Syracuse Half marathon in 2 weeks. I decided I would do an easy 8-9 with a few friends, then head up to the race and finish the last 4 with a tempo run.

I started my morning out as always for race day. My morning rituals never change. Its kind of a mental thing if I envision a good race and follow through with the ritual- Applesauce, Banana, Almond butter all mixed into a yummy little smoothie. I did add some raisins this morning to keep me going.

I am training on a Whole 30/Paleo diet. So, with that being said, I did substitute my protein powder with Almond butter and haven't had an issue with this yet!

I met a few ladies that are in the Y running program for a good 8 miler this morning. We ran the Creekwalk in Syracuse which is a cute little trail that runs around the inner harbor. It was a breezy run this morning and did feel a bit cold, but knew as the miles kicked up that I would be fine.

The Temps were holding low 30s this morning with a 8-10 mph wind. YEAH SPRING!! Ok, well close to spring?!

After the run, I quickly changed into a new set of clothes and headed up to the start line which was a mile away from the Car. I ran it. With a bag of groceries to feed the needy also. I looked like I was running from the local convenience store, but hey, I was helping the Hunger Project!! Good cause.

I dropped my bag off just in time to line up for the race. I lined up towards the front. Almost in the elite line, because that's how I felt this morning. I met up with a few friends from Lake Effect Run club. We gabbed about our expected times and huddled to warm ourselves up.

The Gun went off and I had to swerve around people to get to my comfortable pace. I felt like I was FLYING!! I was thinking, can I keep this pace up?! I'm sure the hell going to try!

Mile 1- 7:18. All downhill and a little up. Felt great, Average HR 154. I can keep this pace!!
Mile 2- 8:05- a little steeper, little downhill..OK, what the heck happened?!- Average HR- 165
Mile 3- 8:43- WTH?!! All up and down with a Steep hill at the end?!! I tried to keep a good rhythm going, not worrying so much about pace and chugging up the hill. I was going to conquer this *itch and not stop on this hill like I do every year. I made it!!-Ave HR 166
Mile 4- 8:14- Settling back into my race pace again. Feeling good. Oh, you guys wanna pass me now?! OK, I'm feeling good, Ill speed up a little more!! Ave HR 166
Last .10- Kick it into gear!! - 7:18- Of course the race is over!! Woo hoo!!

Time- 33:08
Average pace- 8:04  Max pace- 5:16 (Don't know when and for how long?!)
Miles 4.10

34/321 - AG 30-34
132/1961 Females
560/3508 runners

I say that was a good run especially when it was a PR!!!!

Total mileage today: 13.8 miles

Happy SPRING!!!

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