Sunday, March 2, 2014

Masters swim

Dolphin Uglies Bathing suits. Do they make them European sizes?!

Today I wore one at the pool and felt like I was a sardine in a tight can!! Although I can honestly say I felt less drag than the last one I had on!

Masters swim went well today. I arrived late and ended up in a fast lane. My lungs were screaming for the first half of the class. I had to actually change lanes because I knew I would not be able to keep up.

3x200 Pace
3x100 Pace
3x50 Pace
50 BK
3x100 Decend
3x200 Decend
4 (3x50) Mix

2600yd total- All in a good days training!!

Pretty tough workout for sure!


  1. I'm just getting back into Masters swim, so hard starting over. Such an awesome workout that exhausts me. I love master's swimming!

    1. I hear you Jill!! I always say, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger! ;)