Saturday, April 5, 2014

Mountain Goat training #1

Today started Mountain Goat Training. Not that I am not prepared to tackle the 10 miles of hills on the pavement of Syracuse's finest streets, eh hem. But, it actually symbolizes the change in weather here in Central New York. Time for some of the people to jump of their couches and beat the dust off themselves and head outside for one of the hilliest races in this area!

I planned on sticking with a few Y running friends and do the whole 10 miles today, just to see where I was at and where I needed to improve prior to race day.

It was a cold start. Temps again in the high 30's, wind approx 14-15 mph with some wind gusts thrown in there, but I had hope that it would be a great run. Of course that meant 3 light layers on top, Pants, Hat and Gloves again!

We started off slow as we have been slapped on the hand by the Syracuse police that we are naughty runners and don't follow any of the rules of running and people have reported our nonsense to everyone they could. You know those few runners that ruin it for everyone.

We quickly picked up the pace picking off runners one by one after the first hill. It was actually nice that we were running by people TALKING up a hill!!! Thanks to Kevin Collins and his fantastic run club to get me to where I am today! Woot!

The hills came and went. The 2 people I was running with were amazing and so supportive of keeping the running going, pushing and encouraging. Isn't that what running is about?! I never felt better on a run!

I fueled at the same spots I knew were close to the same spots on the course. I have been using all natural Fluid hydration and loving it! No GI issues, not cramping.

Mountain Goat Training run by mullallyk at Garmin Connect - Details

Last year I was just coming back to racing. I was only 5 months Post partum and did the race. This year, I am competing with myself to get below 90 min. With the right pacing, I may just accomplish that mission!

Happy Training

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