Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rainy days means comfort foods are on the rise!

Today was one of those days I just wanted to sit back and eat!! Granted it is mostly healthy foods I am eating but still, It was a lot of consumption for me.

Now being 145#, I need to curb that appetite again...

Starting a new Whole 30 challenge. Mainly because I have gotten a little greedy with the Enjoy Life Chocolate every night. Having a few bites here and there has lead me to a affair with it every single night.

Not to mention the Honey and Maple syrup I have been putting in and on everything. Granted it is natural sugars, but I need to rid my body of these again.

So lets start the challenge again tomorrow...April 24th. I can do this!!

This is definitely how I felt today!!

On the bright side.. I got 2 NEW products coming!! Im so excited to try them!
One being Fluid Recovery drink, which I think will help me stay fuller longer as it has some protein in it AND the other product is Kharu Fluid and Flow sneakers! Can't wait to try them.

Reviews to come!

Happy Training!

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