Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Mother Natures Snow

Mother Nature finally told us we had enough of this nice weather and decided to slam the snow our way. As I was driving home from work last night I was actually afraid to drive. I went on a highway, couldn't see, ended up using the whole road. Good thing there wasn't any cars around me at the time!

Today its just a blanket of snow. I love how the sun reflex off the snow giving the glistening appearance. Its so perfectly beautiful.

Anyways, its been one of those days to cozy up in the warmth at home. I am not doing that however, I am going to get up on this bike in a minute and cycle!

Heres to winter snow finally coming, and now you can pass on by and keep going!! ;)


  1. I love snow!! We got some last week just waiting for the next storm!

  2. We are having a tropical heat wave in Colorado. I am sure that will change soon though!

    Have a great ride!

  3. Beautiful photo! Just glad you made it home okay.