Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chilly Chili 5K Review

The Chilly Chili 5K became part of Cazenovia's winter Festival, which is held every year in January since 2005. This is a fundraiser for the Cazenovia children's house which offers full time day care, after School care and Preschool Programming for the Cazenovia area.

Today I had Masters swimming in the morning. Which was mostly all kicking sets!! Oh boy! I couldn't believe on the day I wanted to do well in a race it was all kicking! Well I sucked it up and still did the swim workout because Im a triathlete right?!

After Masters Swim, all of the coaches and my teamates got together at my coaches beautiful mansion house for a get together filled with yummy food.

We all piled in our cars and went out to Caz to get our run on. I was feeling antsy at the race start. I did my 15 min warm up including pick-ups as coach KRoe instructed, took a Mocha gel (bad Idea, BLECK) and settled in towards the beginning of the crowd. I went out slower and wanted to build into my 5K pace, which btw, I still have no idea what that is! I figured I would base it off my PR time.

I started off steady with some of my teamates, just enjoying all the energy around me. turned the corner and there was the *itch of a hill that seemed to go on forever. Half way up I heard a guy call out 9:05. Well hey, that was the first mile. A little slower than I wanted but I made it up that darn hill feeling good.

Next was a little elevation then some down hill which I tried to pick the pace up a little but everytime I tried to pass it didn't seem possible! I stayed back a bit, got up the next steep quick hill, Looked at my watch and we were almost 2 miles in at 17:50.

At this point it is pretty much downhill so I kicked it up a bit and let my feet land a little softer, quicker, like the runner I am (Cough, choke, sputter). Made the next mile in 8:13. Yes!!! Negative splitting here!

The last .17 was a little steeper then flat to the finish. I felt like I wanted to throw up. Note to self, no Banana bread prior to the run next time, and  definately not a MOCHA powerbar gel! ewww..

I saw the time and was a little disappointed this wasnt under 27min which I was hoping for.

I crossed the line 27:20

29/102 AG 30-34
147/655 Females
404/1158 total participants

We then went over to the Chili bake off and sampled some Chili from some nice restaraunts in the area. This was way better last year and it was a little disappointing this year. At least 3-4 of the stands had no more chili! How can I vote without these to taste too?! Oh well.

All in all, it was a fair race, the weather was nice, about 40F compared to Neg numbers last year!

Onto the next race, Lake Effect Half Marathon!!


  1. A gel for a 5K? Really? And I'm with you--the flavor sounds awful.

  2. I always do a gel, no matter what race I do. To each his own! I've always followed my coaches plan. This was the plan last year and its followed through.

  3. Congrats Kristin... after a kick set in the pool, I'm impressed that you could even run! :)