Sunday, January 15, 2012

2012 Plans and Goals

I have to admit, this year was hard for me to choose my race plans and goals for this year. I have been pretty much strumming along with the "Ill do what I want" attitude. But I know that wont get me very far since that has included my sinful indulgences of M+M's and Ice cream.

I finally contacted Coach KRoe to get started. I will be at her hands for the 2012 race season. I hope she will be able to stand all my quirks and craziness when it comes to training! We met in the summer to decide about coaching and it seemed like a great fit. She is very easy to talk to and understanding.

I wrote out my race plans, dotted my A. B, and C races and sent her the, I do this on Wed, I do masters swim on this day...yada. Thank god I can still proceed with all my interesting combinations! Ha ha!

I got my first coached week starting tomorrow! Happy Martin Luther King day! Here you go! 45min on the trainer, 45 min in the pool!! YAY!

My race plan for this season includes, running a sub 2:00 standing 1/2 Marathon only. Maybe a sub 2:15 in 1/2 IM? We will see how this goes. I have already shaved 15sec per mile off my long runs which is pretty impressive to me! I am so much better with short distances with this. The longer it is, the harder I struggle. Something to work on this year!  Another goal is to be a stronger hill climber, whether on the bike or running. This is another weakness. Not that I cannot get up them but I slow significantly. I will be following one of my friends who is training for the Triple T, up alot of the bigger grade hills here in Central NY!

My goals are to do a few 70.3's, 1/2 marathon, marathon, a few duathlons and some smaller races.

I also recently was made aware of my qualification for AG nationals so I think I will plan on going there as well. Now to find a hotel in Vermont!

Happy Training to all!


  1. Congrats on the qualification for AG Nationals! That is awesome!

    Have a great year of training and racing!

  2. That's awesome that you qualified for Ag Nationals! Great job!!!

    Looks like a solid, attainable year Kristin!