Thursday, August 16, 2012

Syrathon Run #4, Valley Nature 4 miler

Last weekend, at 22 weeks pregnant, I ran the Valley Nature Run in the Park 4 miler. My daughter wanted to join too and since Im not running fast these days I let her join me!

At 22 weeks with my daughter
My friend was also diong the race with her husband. It was nice that she was going to run the race with me due to her back was just not up to par after pulling it the week before.

We arrived a little early to sign the little one up, look at the Fleet feet tent and put our names in the prize giveaway.

It was a little race compared to others I have done. Only a mere 221 people raced this day.

The day started off slightly cooler than the days have been, but I could feel as the hour before the race went by that it was starting to get warmer.

The race started and ended at the same place. It took you through some of the streets of Syracuse, and into a little wooded area then back to the finish. The first 2 miles were pretty flat with a couple of rolling hills. There was hardly any shade and it was getting hotter by the minute. Around mile 1 my daughter decided she was going to slow down. I told her to keep going. I wanted to see if she could push herself with me not being by her side. I know. tough love. But hey, she needs it at this time.

We made our way into a trail around mile 2. It was a tough little trail! a couple steeper climbs, full of roots and rocks! Im glad I wore my trail shoes for that part! I started to get a little cooler in the trail. Thank god for some shade! I actually started feeling good right around here.

As we made our way out of the trail about a mile later, it was pretty much downhill to the finish line. I made my way around the last mile in 8 min!! wow! See, I still have some of it in pregnancy too!! ha ha!

I finished the race in 50 min, With some walking, stopping to look for my daughter, and just plain enjoying myself!! I love not having any time goals or competition!! :)

My daughter finished up right after me! I was surprised to see her so quickly!! She placed 2nd in her AG and I couldn't be prouder that she was out there doing it...Without me!!

After we had popcicles and Free Ice cream courtesy of the Ice cream shop across the street!! YUMMY!

Feeling stron before the race!

After the race all hot and sweaty with M

Looking tired but happy!!


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