Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Syrathon #5 at 24 weeks

Sunday was the 5th Syrathon race. This late summer run launches from the Syracuse Inner Harbor and visits Leavenworth Park and the Creekwalk. Proceeds benefit the Inner Wealth Initiative, a collaborative and grass-roots movement intended to enhance the mental health and wellness of children and families throughout our communities.

I have to say it was a pretty flat and fast course, but fast is not my game at 24 weeks pregnant!!

I was excited that I would be racing with my honey as this was the first run we have actually done together in quite some time due to both our racing schedules. He decided he was going to run it with me, but I knew that would last long!

We met up with our friends and were off to the Inner harbor around 8am. Quick stop at Dunkin for the friends and we were there by 8:20AM. We went and got our Shirt, which was the brightest orange I've ever seen, and our race bib.

Andy ran it all back to the car while we looked around at the tents. We saw Otto the Orange. The SU mascot making everyone laugh as he was copying people streching and running. I believe he actually ran some or all of the race as well!!

The heat and mugginess started to pick up and I could tell that I would have a little harder time running in the heat. I did bring my own water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the run. We started the first mile all together..me, my honey and friend (who shouldn't have been running due to a back injury!!). Finally I said I needed to slow down a bit as we were under 10 min miles and I coud feel I was getting out of breath.

This is when my honey left us on our own!! ha ha!! I wished him luck and he ended up with a great run despite his first mile with me!!

The clock ticked on, the race got hotter, I had to stop about 3 times. I was happy I made it to the finish in 34:40! Its hard being slow!

All in all, a great race through the city of Syracuse!!

After the race we sat and ate the post race grub, then we were off to a great picnic with friends from the CNY Tri Club with Dinasour BBQ for lunch!! YUM!

Inner Harbor

My King and Me!!

At the start of the race!!

Fininshing with M

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