Thursday, July 26, 2012

Its a Boy!

We found out earlier this week we are having a little baby Boy!! I am so excited and hoping for a boy as I have the most beautiful 8 year old girl already. I have been enjoying looking at all the baby boy stuff over the last couple days!!

I have been gaining weight steadily as does happen when you are almost 20 weeks pregnant!
The last check-up I was told all is good, weight gain is good. YES!

I have been swimming 2 days a week, Running Trotting along 3-4 days a week and Biking 2 days a week and sometimes throwing in a combo of Bike run. Yes I am totally active up until the day I cannot anymore!

I have been volunteering at local races and the local Tri club which definately helps with the Triathlon Blues Im feeling these days watching my honey get more active in triathlon again which I am excited to see!

I have been on cloud 9 and soaking this pregnancy in to the fullest. I cant believe its almost halfway over already!!

Happy Training!!