Wednesday, July 4, 2012

RUNapalooza 5K at 16 weeks

Last weekend I had a chance to participate in the inaugural 5K, RUNapalooza. This was put on by the local Feet Feet store. I set out around 8:30AM knowing the race was going to be at 9:30AM. Wanted to get there early and get settled in. I ate my usual breakfast of Banana and Toast with Peanut Butter as now Im not going for time and worrying about vomiting or the other end!
I walked out of the house and knew it was going to be a hot run. I loaded up on the water and half gatorade prior to the race because now I even sweat more than any man I know!
I got to the race with about a half hour to spare, looked around and saw many familiar faces from the Triathlon community as well as the running community.
The race was a 2 loop 1.55 mile or so course on closed roads, which I thought was great, no cars to contend with!
The race started on time and I took a seat right in the middle of the line. I started out running really well despite my slowness. The race was a flat, downhill, uphill, flat run x2. I felt great and was running smoothly. I looked down at my heartrate monitor and I was right on target with what I should be at while pregnant per doctors orders. The hill on the back side was gradual, not steep, but enough to make you hotter on a really hot morning.
I rounded the first lap and saw another pregnant woman, probably around 6-7 months running. I thought to myself, she isn't beating me! My only competition at this point! Ha ha! I did have to stop at all the water stops, pour water on me to cool me down.
I started feeling the heat and just wanted to be done, so I surged to the end, even having a 8:30 pace for a few min.

Total time 35:26

My thoughts on this race is I really didn't care for it. It is a 2 loop course so faster runners are coming up on your side and there was NO shade at all from the heat. Granted its only a 5K!

I also thought there was so much hype about this race with bands, vendors, post race party. I was a little disappointed with the turn out that was so hyped up. There was only a few vendors, 3 bands and a post race party consisting of beer only. If you wanted food, you had to pay for it. Not that Im complaining because the post race refreshments were great and plenty, but if you are going to hype up a race, it should reflect this on race day.

Needless to say, I crossed this off my 5K checklist. Done

Happy Training Everyone!!

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