Sunday, June 3, 2012

Paiges Butterfly Run- #3 on Syrathon

Yesterday I finished #3 Syrathon race for that medal I was talking about, Paige's Butterfly Run. Fighting Pediatric Cancer, Funding Hope is the runs mission. You can read all about the run here :

What I love about this race is it is very family oriented having a 5k, 3K run/walk and a Caterpillar crawl making it easy for you to bring your whole family to this race. Also, I love that the Taste of Syracuse is right after! The Taste of Syracuse is where you can taste test local restaurants, bakeries, etc. Have a drink (not me of course), smoothie, hear a band play. Its pretty neat. Like a little mini fair in downtown Syracuse.

I was involved with my work team this year for the Paige's Butterfly Run. Together our team raised $1800+ dollars going towards researching and funding Pediatric Cancer. There still is time to donate if you want to! Just click the link above! Any amount is appreciated and goes to fund something great.

I am now 12 weeks pregnant and there were no time goals just to finish the race and have fun doing it!!
It was a great day, the rain held off and there were 1531 racers, about half that in walkers and a bunch of kids enjoying themselves for the 40 meter dash!!

My friend and I did the run, then walked the 3K. I still managed a 33:36! I saw at the second mile my heart rate was getting a bit high so I needed to dial it down a notch. But, I still feel good and am going to keep going as long as my body cooperates with me!!

Hope you all are enjoying your training!! Next up Is Runapalooza in Syracuse on June 30th!!! :)

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