Saturday, May 26, 2012

Season Goal- 11 weeks!

While my life and training has taken a 360, new goals had to be made. I am still swimming, biking and running but not like I was before of course. I am only working out 45- 1 hour per day, taking 1 day off a week.

I have made it a goal to accumulate 26.2 miles of running in races this summer so that I can receive my medal!!

Fleet Feet Syracuse, the Syracuse New Times, and Saucony, once again join the Parks Department to bring together established road races, based in the City of Syracuse, into this unique series called Syrathon. Syrathon races showcase Syracuse's terrific Parks system. Whether you are just beginning, or are a seasoned runner, the Series is designed to encourage healthful physical activity year-round, while promoting the sights and sounds of city life!

There are 8 Races in the series and so far I have done 2 of them. Tipp Hill 4 miler and Mountain Goat 10 miler!! 12.2 miles to go!!
I am feeling great at 11 weeks. I dont remember feeling this good in my last pregnancy. Im hardly even showing which makes me even more excited!! Although my pants are getting tighter and my chest is getting bigger, I know it will all be worth it in the end!!!

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  1. It's great to hear of women that still workout through their pregnancy, it makes me feel better about having to go through it some day. Good luck you are doing awesome!